Sunday, February 7, 2010

Who Dat say Gonna Beat Them Saints?

Carrie hears you say "Who Dat" and immediately she pipes up with her clear childish voice "Who Dat say gonna beat them Saints?" Who DAT? It always makes me smile. I'm sitting here watching the last minutes of the 4th quarter in this Super Bowl and wondering if I'll have to teach Carrie a new line to her little Saints chant. We maybe answering "Them Colts gonna beat them Saints".

I've been watching the game and the commercials and then the half time ceremonies with "The Who". It's quiet here as the husband is out of town on a job and Carrie is with her mother. I did make it to the movies this afternoon to see Crazy Heart. Jeff Bridges did a wonderful job in the lead of this movie although I can't say it will rate as my favorite movie of the year.
Five minutes and few seconds left in the 4th quarter. At least if we lose this game it won't be a shut out as the scores are close and for that I'm grateful. If we do win this game, I'm happy to NOT be in the 'quarters tonight. I fear it may get dangerous there. The crowds will swell and the crush on the streets is not a place I care to be in.


  1. The Saints played an excellent game. Whoever came up with the second half kick off gambit was absolutely brilliant.

    Have to admit, the first quarter, and half of the second, had me a little worried.

  2. yeah, me too. It seemed that Manning connected with every pass in that first quarter. Good game...who woulda thought huh?


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