Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Missed The Park, Too Cold

Carrie and I checked the temperature outside yesterday. It was 60 degrees but not a warm day. The wind was blowing and we decided this was not a good day to go to the park. Around noon I directed her to her house to hang out with her mom. I wanted to go shopping. My first stop was an impulsive one. I stopped at a Indian restaurant. I had never been to the place before but I was ready to live dangerously and try something different.
Entering the foyer, I was greeted by a young blond girl dressed in Western attire, no sarongs here. She reached for a menu and I asked to see the menu right there in the foyer. I think she is accustomed to the hesitation of the customers that enter here for the first time. I could smell the spices in the air and none of them were any I was familiar with. When I asked if she enjoyed the food she was adamant and addicted. At least that's what she said. She was eager to explain some of the foods on the menu and I agreed to be seated.

A buffet was set up along one wall. I decided that the best way to try a variety was to join the line at the buffet. I'm going to tell you right now that I don't remember what a lot of the stuff that I ate was named but I can tell you it was all delicious. Very little meat, mostly vegetarian fare but I was surprised by my opinion of it. I know there were a lot of chick peas, spinach steamed with cheese, and ha! Tandoori chicken, the only thing I can remember. There was a stew, tomato based with peas and potatoes, flat bread and different chutneys to put on your food or dip the flat bread into. There was shrimp in a tomato base, mustard and tamarind and ginger can be detected in these stews. I will go back to this place but today I'll try Lebanese food if I get out of the house for a while.
After lunch which I didn't linger over, I visited a few furniture stores and retraced my steps back to the original store that housed the huge Century bed I had my eye on. The husband kept encouraging me to go get that bed so today I walked in and nodded to the sales lady to ring it up. I just have to say this. It should come with an engine. I feel that when you pay that price for anything, it should have a motor and wheels. I shall leave it at that. I'll take my time finding some night stands to add to it and maybe a dresser. My problem is I have those items in that room right now and will have to find a place for those before I bring anything else in.
And, on another note, don't we have SOME nerve upsetting the Canucks by winning that hockey game? Isn't hockey "a Canadian thang"? I must admit, I haven't been following the winter olympics this year and I don't know the why of that so don't ask. I'm just busy? No, that can't be it. I think it's because the skaters were my event to watch and this past year I haven't kept up with the national or world events on them so I'm clueless as to who trained, who skated and who won any of the lower level awards so I didn't follow then into the olympics. Shame on me.
Speaking of shame, everytime I see a Toyota going down the highway, I wonder if the driver of that vehicle is uncomfortable or even frightened. It reminds me of the Pinto by Ford. Everytime I saw one of those little cars, I wondered if the drivers were looking in the rear view mirror in fear of some one rear ending them and the gas tank exploding. Remember the tire scare when all those tires were blowing out on the Ford trucks? You might want to double check that last statement as I can't guarantee that it was Fords that had that problem.
We have a winter advisory in place for this area? Snow on Wedneday for Acadiana? Where are my socks? I don't ever remember this cold nor this long a winter as we have had this year. I can't move any further south without having webbed feet, at least in this state. Maybe I should consider to the left, Texas or to the right Florida. Either state would allow some drift south. Maybe I'll just find those socks and endure.

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  1. Breaks my poor heart that you're suffering so from those frigid temperatures.

    Want some cheese?


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