Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday Chill

The rain has started falling and it's very close to being sleet. I can hear it pinging off the concrete and the shrubbery by the house. I'm watching closely for any signs of huge fluffy snow flakes at which time I will pick up the phone and call everyone I know that is sleeping in to scream in their ears "It's's snowin".
My camera will be charged up and ready to get some pictures; I'll walk around in it for a while until it melts. That's my plans for today. How about you? If you are in the northern part of the USA you are probably shaking your head and sighing at my silliness and wishing all your snow this way. I figure it this way. If we have to have freezing temps we might as well have some pretty white ground to go with it and since I don't have to drive anywhere today, what's the harm?
I've been watching the talk shows that are having the Saints players parade through and accepting the accolades for their Super Bowl win. Good for em.
It's time to shower and dress in something warm. I've already worn the two articles of clothing that I own that are winter wear. If this keeps up I might have to invest in some winter clothes. Now where are those socks?

1 comment:

  1. Pretty white ground?

    Haven't you heard that black is beautiful?


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