Wednesday, February 17, 2010

March 19th

I spent 5 minutes with the podiatrist and he wanted to charge me 145.00 to tell me I need to have surgery. I questioned the amount and he dropped it to 85.00. Ok, I know that isn't cheap but damn it, it's no wonder our health care coverage sucks. I think it takes some nerve to charge 145.00 for less then 5 minutes to tell me I needed surgery.

Anyway, March 19th is the magic date. Tomorrow I will go pick up a wheelchair and some crutches and buy a shower seat for the bath tub. They wanted me to buy a knee walker to the tune of 600.00 but I told them a pair of crutches would work well. To this they told me they would give me a script for a wheel chair as I would need one. I took the script then called my friend Peg who volunteered the use of a wheel chair she has. This surgery will take 45 minutes in outpatient surgery and then two months of no weight bearing at all on it. Maybe SOMEDAY I'll have everything fixed and I will actually be able to walk around a city block! I just want to get this over with so I can again be on the road to recuperation. I've been extremely healthy most of my life and this past year has just been trying on my patience. I feel as though my life has been on hold for this past year and now it looks like the start of this year won't be much better. I'm having a damn pity party and its' very exclusive. No invitations were sent out; no revelers needed or wanted.
I'm taking my party to bed soon. I have fresh sheets on my bed.


  1. Sorry, Charlotte Ann. That's a rough go. Surely wish there were other viable options.

  2. Buffalo, I don't mind having the surgery. What I do mind is the fact that I could have had this done 9 months ago instead of thinking the pain in this foot/leg was due to the knee surgery.


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