Saturday, February 6, 2010


I've lived here 18 yrs. now and I can still get lost close to home. I can navigate to the usual places I need to go as in the grocery story and different shopping strip malls but the side roads around here are mostly unexplored so I can get lost easily. I've decided I need to get out more.

Yesterday and today I plugged in the GPS and went exploring. Winding down the roads, taking turns which I didn't try to remember so I could retrace my trip and return back home was no concern of mine. I had the GPS plugged in and I had the "home" set so that when I tapped that icon on the screen it would direct me back from wherever I was to my house. I've had the best time just picking out a road and driving along to discover where it would lead. I chose one road winding through cane fields that had been freshly harvested the stubs lined up row upon row, and waiting for the next planting, a few houses that had burned, their skeltons leaning into the ground and the road leading me along to discover sights that seem to have been waiting for my viewing. No rain, dry roads and lots of sunshine and I enjoyed my morning roading around with no particular place to be at no particular time. On the way back I stopped in at a little country store for some cracklins and a link of boudain. My plans were to go to a movie but that didn't happen so I may try it again tomorrow before the Super Bowl.

I'm lazy and it's enjoyable. I'm not making any excuses for my laziness. I'm not even feeling guilty about it. Happy trails to you and you and you.

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