Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mardi Gras Day 2

Thick sweat pants, sweatshirt and thick socks are laid out on the bed for me to wear today. Socks? Yeah, it's THAT cold here. I peeked out the door; a cold air wafted in and wrapped around my ankles and legs that my floor length gown didn't conceal. Frost can be seen on the roofs, cars and lawns lit up by the two streetlights that attempt to hold back the darkness and right now those lights are winning aided by daybreak peeping it's head up to toss back the night. The coffee is ready and I'm balancing a cup of it while surfing through the channels for early morning news. Too sad about the Olympic Luger that lost his life on a trail run yesterday. I can't remember ever hearing of an Olympic contender that was killed before this one can you?

Two days ago I stirred up a big pot of Gumbo and today a pot of chili is simmering on the stove. I share these soups with the daughter and her family. If I didn't share, I would be eating them for a month so I portion out a few bowls for myself and send the remainder along to the daughter.

Today is Youngsville's Mardi Gras parade. This is the only parade I visited last year. Today I'll find something to do that is not as cold as standing curbside to catch beads and baubles. I still have a bag full from last year but the beads aren't the reason I go. The streets are lined with people that set up a camp spot the day before the parade and will arrive early today to spend the entire day along the road with their sofas on open trailers,their BBQ grills and food tables ready for their family and friends to appear throughout the day to party with them.

Today might be another good movie day. I haven't decided on where I will be today but home is not an option.

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  1. "Thick sweat pants, sweatshirt and thick socks are laid out on the bed for me to wear today."

    Laid out for you, huh. It must be nice to have a maid in waiting. I had to let my valet go.


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