Monday, February 15, 2010

Clear as a Bell?

"Look! You can see the sweat on that football player's face" he says. I'm wondering why I or anyone would care if they could see any athlete's sweat. Apparently this is due to high definition and the reason we purchased this huge Samsung television for the bedroom. Flat screen and huge and a must have to watch sports made him happy. Fine.
That was almost two years ago. Today I called the repairman in to see why the high definition wasn't high any longer. Fine black lines were appearing across the screen while the perimeter of the screen had a case of shadows. The gentlemen I called told me I was second on his list to be seen today. I waited all damn day and around 3:30 he shows up. The service call is a flat 65.00 which I didn't think was bad as the other place I called wanted 180.00 to come to the house. He checked the bulbs and then gave me the bad news. It wasn't the bulbs. It seems some panel is unhealthy and this sick panel will cost 600.00 to replace. I wrote him a check for the 65.00 and didn't opt to have it fixed, at least for now. I'll have to discuss this with the husband but I'm hoping he opts for a new television and not a Samsung.
Today Ted and I got busy. I asked him to come to my house and haul some things out of the back bedroom to the little house for storage. That bedroom become the repository for all the wall art, the knick knacks and bric a brac that was removed from all the rooms as they were being painted and redecorated. Less is best or at least that seems to be my motto lately. I'm going for that lean clean look which means you have less to dust, wax and polish. I like this look and I probably should let go of all that stuff that got moved to the little house. Tomorrow I will start emptying out the dressers and drawers. I'm on a roll here and I want to keep the momentum. I have a lot to do.
Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday. This signals the end of Mardi Gras. Wednesday I have an appointment with the podiatrist. Hopefully he will know what to do to fix that heel that has continued to be painful. I anticipate another surgical procedure. I'll take the surgery if it fixes the problem.
It's cold here again. I spoke with Ms. K. today and she is livid. More snow and cold headed her way and she is beyond disgusted with the weather where she lives and is threatening to move south if next winter is forecast to be as bad as this one.
I'm watching a movie on climate change more commonly called global warming which is a misnomer. I'm done for today.


  1. They screwed up when they called it Global Warming. Should have gone with global change.


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