Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A B C =See dog run.

Most excellent web address right here ---------->
Ain't the web just darn awesome! I posted this at the bottom of yesterday's post so it might have been lost to viewing by some so I thought I would place it at the top of this post. Carrie loves it! We spent some time on the letters in the first part of the alphabet learning the sounds of each letter. By the afternoon she was able to select the letter and place it in the correct WORD by sounding it out. How awesome, grand, friggin great is that? I'm tellin ya I'm just over the moon and out of the ball park excited about this.
Today Carrie and I will practice more of the alphabet. Carrie knows all her colors, shades of colors, numbers and alphabet. I'm trying to get her to put together words now so she can read. I think this approach using that link above is just the ticket.
She spent the night last night and this morning we will hold a class. She likes pretending we are in school. I must remember to make it fun or else her interest will wisp away like smoke from a doused fire. Fun. That's another ploy those crafty kindergarten teachers use on the little ones. At the tender age of 4 and 5 you've got to fool them into learning. Creep up on em and drag them gently to the knowledge.
I'm awaiting the day when she can sit here and type her own blog. I'll let you know and make sure you have a link to it. I'm positive that you won't want to miss those three letter words and 3 word sentences.

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