Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's WHAT time?

I rolled over and raised to a sitting position while swinging my feet simultaneously to the floor and rising to a standing position. With a few tentative steps, I tested the right foot and the amount of pain I would experience with those first few steps. Tolerable. Minimal hobbling with maximum weight bearing and I was off. Off to the kitchen to brew a pot of fresh coffee and plunge two slices of wheat bread into the toaster. Now why the hell am I doing all this at 4AM?
I'm shivering in the early morning chill. Again. Why am I up this early?

I'm up because once awake, this brain knows no neutral gear. It leaps into gear and pushes past idle to full speed ahead and if I try to continue to lay in bed all I get is anxiety. I would rather be up and around.

Yesterday I moved the printer out of here and installed the Canon printer that was bought before Christmas. It was a necessity as I had used up all the ink in the old printer that really wasn't "old" at all but it wasn't a Canon. It had to go. I wanted to change it out for the Canon because of the print program that Canon has and that program will only work with a Canon printer. I was keeping my fingers crossed that it would be compatible with the new Canon printer and luck be with me tonight, it was! I finished printing all the pictures for the 2009 album, let them dry and put them in that album which is now neatly aligned with the albums past. I was six months behind in this task which I vow to not let happen again. Today I'll buy a new album for this year and print the few pictures taken in January. If I had made a New Year's resolution, which I didn't, it would have to have been a promise to stay on top of this album project.

Carrie is 4 yrs old and each year I start a new album and finish it off at Christmas and end that album. Album #4 was completed yesterday. I think the cuteness factor begins wearing off about this time or maybe it's because getting candid shots of them at this age is near impossible. They learn to pose and sometimes it's a pose that says "take my picture" or it's a view of them sticking out their tongues, making strange faces and gestures which spells the end of anything candid. I taper off so the next album may be a combination of years instead of "a year" in the life of Carrie and family.

In other news and information because, don't ya know, this blog is about any tidbit of boring information I can find to link my brain and memory, I made an appointment with the podiatrist which will come due around the 17th of this month. I want my heel fixed! I'll get two opinions if his offer is to do surgery, something I wasn't anticipating for 2010.
I curled up on the sofa and went back to sleep! It could be the weather. The rain that was predicted is now making it's appearance. Gloomy, wet and cold and under a blanket is the best place to be. A matinee movie might be in my near future!

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