Saturday, February 13, 2010

Google Searching

Did you know sex toys cannot be sold legally in Alabama? Yeah, I know. You've been waiting for days for this information so that your trip through Alabama can be made safely and all your sex toys can be prepurchased before making that trip.
How in the world did I get to this subject? Well Bill Maher of course. I was watching Bill Maher on HBO doing his new comedy routine. During his routine he mentioned Rev. Aldridge while commenting on religion. This minister was from Alabama and died during a bout of autoerotism(I know this spelling is incorrect). I had to Google this minister's name and found a more descriptive picture of all the toys used during his sexual exercise that lead to his death. A very vivid description of the dildo found encased in prophylactic and hidden in his anus was presented as part of his party time toys. The question then was presented "where did he get the dildo since sex toys were prohibited in Alabama". Of course this lead to another Google search on "Alabama and sex toys". I'm writing all this down here in this blog just in case I get murdered and the authorities decide to take this laptop apart and search for clues as to who murdered me and why. You know this COULD happen. I'm sure the folks that it did happen to were thinking "that could never happen to me" to which they would be horribly wrong. I wouldn't want this laptop to be searched and lead the officials on an erroneous chase based on my searches for Alabama and sex toys. I believe this is called a tangid and I also believe I'm off on one. I might need to be redirected.
Peg and I went to a movie yesterday. Although I had already seen "It's Complicated", that is the movie I chose for her to see. I thought she needed a good laugh and this was just the movie for that. Right now there is nothing showing at the theatre that I'm really interested in seeing. I may have to find some other distraction for a while. I might make a trip to Blockbuster and pick up a movie or two and there's a new receipe I want to try but that I'll have to be really bored to spend my time in the kitchen. Restaurants were made to be used when the husband is out of town working.
I'm going to get dressed and go enjoy the sunshine that I can see from where I sit. It's supposed to be 63 degrees here today!

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