Thursday, February 25, 2010

Smell My Finger

Have you ever said this to someone while holding forth your finger to them? Don't they rear back their head to get as far away from your finger as possible? Is this an inbred reaction or a learned reaction of self preservation? I know you must be wondering where I'm going with this and I assure you, I'm getting to it.

Carrie and I were lying in bed; she with a movie in the DVD player and I propped up on pillows in bed reading a book. I get absorbed when reading and if you made a comment I will have to surface from my book to ask what you said and have you repeat it. This is where I was the other day with Carrie beside me in the bed. She wanted to play and would roll her body over my chest at which time I would put the book aside and tell her to get off me and watch her movie. She would stop for a while then return again to aggravate and interrupt me. I threatened to turn off the DVD and the lights and insist on a nap if she kept disturbing me. For a while this worked and I became absorbed again in what I was reading.

From far away I heard her say something to me and climbing to the surface from the depths of my book, I heard what she said. "Smell my finger" and she shoved it beneath my nose. I don't think I really agreed to her request but that I was so involved in reading that it didn't register what her question was at that instant.

I scrinched up my face, squealed and shoved her hand out of my face and said "WHERE did you have your finger??????" This said as I was scrambling backward away from her while swatting her hand out of my face.

She said with the biggest grin "My butt".

Don't they say the cutest things though? I dragged her off the bed and to the bathroom to wash her hands and quickly called her mother to rat on her. When daughter could quit laughing long enough to speak, she asked "Who is crazy enough to agree to smell someone's finger?" I didn't agree. I didn't have a chance to "disagree".

For the rest of the day, when I walked by my daughter I would shove my finger beneath her nose and shout "smell my finger?"

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