Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spring Like

I was up early enough although I had to make a stop by the dentist's office to have some attention paid to that pesky temporary tooth/crown that refuses to stay in place. It seems I'm there every week to have it reattached. The day I get the permanent one in place will be cause for celebration. They say the glue they use is "permanent" stuff which will hold better then what is used on this temporary one. While sitting in the chair there waiting for the doctor to enter the room, I watched the news on the tv attached high on the wall and the breaking news was the small plane that crashed into the IRS building in Austin, Tx. Later during the day I heard the rest of the story about the disgruntled pilot losing job, money in the markets and anger at the IRS. Strange happenings all around the planet lately. Now the professors are carrying guns to the university and killing co workers.

This morning found me in a pissy mood and I know it's because the thought of being dependant on wheelchair and crutches for two months is making me a little crazy. I'll survive it I'm sure but first I'm going to have to accept the sentence of being immobile for two months and that's where this crappy attitude has it's origins. I have had a long talk with myself and when seen in the grand scheme of things, it's temporary, this immobilization. Get over it! I'm tough on myself sometimes. Get over it!

Carrie was delivered to my house early this morning. Her mother had to go shopping for appliances and correctly deduced that this wouldn't be any form of entertainment for Ms. Carrie so she spent the morning with me. From television to laptop to Nintendo and finally a movie on VHS, she entertained herself while I did some morning chores. I bathed her and put her in a new dress so we could takeTed to the pawn shop down the street. The pawn shop repairs the scratches on his X Box game by filling in the scratches with silicone. They charge 3.00 for this service but it restores a 40.00 game cd. Amazing huh?
The weather is a comfortable high in the 50's and is predicted to stay that way thoughout the following week. I'm good with that. I'm going to savor these days that I'm mobile. I'm afraid the next weeks will rocket by and all too soon it will be time for that surgery. I'll polish up my favorite chant "this time next year...this time next year......"

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