Saturday, February 6, 2010


It's beginning to look a lot like Mexico me thinks. I feared it would come to this.

The husband keeps telling me we are a third world country now, much like Mexico. When I was in Mexico one of the things I noted was the parks and how unkempt they were. Tall brown dead grass, littered with trash and deep in dust, not many people were seen relaxing on blankets and enjoying a picnic lunch. No money was expended to keep the parks vibrant, clean and green. It seems as though our parks here will suffer the same fate. It didn't take long for the cities to plunge into the red and the services be cut. How long have we been in this RECESSION?

Our bright, clean, well lit country may soon become dingy, dirty and dark. Basic human services will start to disappear; women carrying babies strapped to their backs in Mexico and panhandling for food and money to feed their family may be a reality here. Mexico doesn't have a welfare system either. Maybe we should all start speaking Spanish just in case we have to annex.
Well, aren't we cheery this morning? I am really. I'm not in a down mood; it's reality and you know how big this country is on reality. It's just a dose of it on a early Saturday morn.
On the upside, the weather here still sucks. Wait. Did I say I was not in a bad mood? Well, let me tell you the good news. The sun is out and displaying it's beautiful smile over the land. Yeah. I see sunshine and no rain. On that note, I'm closing out here and heading for the shower and fresh clothes and I'm promising myself a day filled with sunshine and fun.

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