Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

The telephone ringing has sounded through the house today with wishes for a "Happy Birthday". It's just a phone call but I enjoyed everyone of them.

I hurried off this morning to do some furniture "looking". I want to get some night stands for that big bed that was delivered yesterday. A few possibilities were found but nothing I've committed to so I will continue to look and will probably end up back where I was today to purchase the nightstands. It just takes me a while to commit to handing over my money.

The upholstery shop was my next stop. My sofa cushions are looking a bit tired and flat and it might be time to do something about them. Can you believe a piece of foam for one cushion is 15o.00? I have three sofa cushions. Count that up and it will scare ya. I had an idea. Since flipping the cushions over didn't help I decided to pull the "L" shaped foam out of the cushion covers, cut off the small part of the "L" shape and flip the foam back to front where it wasn't worn down. I put the part I cut off back into the short part of the "L" shape of the cushion then inserted the remainder of the foam and it worked! The squished down part is now to the back of the sofa and the sofa cushions that make up the back section cover the squished down part. Voila! I'll wait till this doesn't work any longer then I'll take the whole sofa to the upholstery guy, pick some new fabric, new foam and have the whole thing recovered. This sofa is down filled and ultra comfy and I don't want to give it up. I'll just have it rejuvenated one day.
Mid way in this project my daughter calls to take me to lunch. I'm on a diet. No lunch. We opted for a movie instead and went to see Shutter Island. One word. STRANGE!
After the movie we did a few errands and I returned home to finish my sofa cushion project. All in all, I've had a good day. Talking to old friends, spending time with the daughter and getting some things done around here was satisfying.
That was my day. Not an exciting day but a comfortable one. I'll end it with a long hot shower and some television and the best part of it all is tomorrow I won't have a hangover. I do remember those birthdays and I don't miss em at all!

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