Monday, February 22, 2010

Duck Day

I slept in intervals last night and none of them were for very long. I hate it when I have a crappy sleep night and this one followed the one from the night before so that's two in a row! I won't take an Ambien when Carrie stays overnight and she almost made it home but in the driveway she made her mother angry at which time her mom got short with her. She started crying and as I loaded her into her car seat in the Jeep she was trying to obey her mother's warning that she wasn't going to listen to her crying on the way home. She was trying to hold in her sobs and as they backed out of the driveway and started forward I called out and ask her if she wanted to spend the night. Of course she did. She knew where her friends were at that moment and staying here with me was the better option. On the way to the bedroom she said "Nana, I wish I lived here with you all the time", to which I answered, "But what about Mom?" She looked up at me and with tear stained face she said "She can have Teddy." Tomorrow will be better and she will miss her mom and want to go home.
Right now the temperature is 60 degrees and in a few hours with some sunshine it should warm up a little more. I'll take her to feed the ducks in the park. We will tear the hamburger buns into tiny pieces and throw them at the ducks and the nutria, swing on the swings and use the slides and hopefully there will some moms there with their little ones that she can play with.
She is still asleep which is the perfect time to get a shower and dressed and that is where I will be.

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