Saturday, January 2, 2010

Oh So Southern

Collard greens and the recipe I found mentioned something about bitterness and how to rid the greens of the usual bitterness. If that isn't enough to make you boil a few ears of corn on the cob, then venture forth at your own risk. I figure if it's slimy, bitter or better eaten with something else, then maybe it's also something I don't want to put in any pot I own.

My neighbor whose father likes to garden called last night and wanted to know if I liked collard greens. I said "sure, bring em on" which she did. I then surfed the net for directions on cooking them and found that recipe mentioning bitterness and I suppose I should have looked this up before I agreed to relieve her of the big bowl of collard greens that appeared shortly after that phone call from her.

This morning I unplugged the laptop and placed it on my kitchen counter where it displayed the recipe I thought I would attempt. Isn't it great? I remember when I propped a cookbook up on my kitchen counter for instructions and directions. Another amazing leap forward for mankind. No more paper cookbooks and I don't even have to print out a recipe to use. Haul the laptop to the counter and you're ready to roll.

The bacon bits were sizzling, the onions were being glazed and the garlic was emitting it's aroma and eventually the collard greens were wilting in this mixture along with the sugar, vinegar and hot sauce. I couldn't wait to try the results of my southern cooking.

A ladled bowl of greens with bacon bits stirred throughout; it was awesome. There was still a hint of bitterness but all in all it was a success. I don't know if I will put this way high on my list of favorite green foods but it will never make the list of "hates" as in okra, that slimy green vegetable that is another favorite food of the southerners. With okra, they tell me, you have to cook it a long time to rid it of it's slimeyness. Why? Why the hell would you want to cook anything that was slimey to start with? I just smile and nod when they tell me this. I pass on anyone offering me fresh okra. I shiver a little too at the thought of eating it. Some things you just can't manage unless you have true southern roots.

I'm taking my Yankee self away from the house to do a little "hunter/gathering'' at the market.
I'm going to look for some fresh green beans.


  1. You can so keep the slimey! I've never had collard greens or okra, I think the greens sound the most edible, and I do love vegetables, but ick to the slime.

    Oh, you've been having a lovely time at the dentist too?
    Yeah, I even spent boxing day morning with my dentist, you can imagine how elated he was to have me call him at 7 AM in the morning, yes?

    Man, when the teeth start up, thats bad.

  2. This new battle has just begun!! I'm devoting the year 2010 to dental work and paying for the dentist's Mercedes. Hey, somebody has got to do it and with the cost of repairs needed on this mouth, he should be good for the next couple of years on payments on it!


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