Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Laughed Alone For the Most Part

Another day and another movie. Today it was "It's Complicated". Meryl Streep and Alex Baldwin along with Steve Martin and I was rolling with laughter. Meryl Streep is embarrassing to watch on the awards shows but she is an awesome actress. The theatre had 6 people in it today. A couple sat down a few rows in front of me while another couple sat upwards and behind me. I could hear a little muted laughter; I was beyond muted. The cast and the story swallowed me up for the entire time I sat and watched. I laughed loudly and often and it was a well spent cost of a movie ticket.

I'm impressed. Two movies in two days and I've enjoyed both of them. I'm going for broke. Tomorrow I plan on seeing another one. When I visit one that is boring I'll call it quits and stop this run on the movie theatre. I'm being selective and only seeing the ones that I've heard from friends that were worth the visit.
I'm beginning to feel like a movie critic lately. Sadly, many times I do not agree with the opinions of the movie critics. The movies I've seen this week have been the ones that were nominated for Emmy's and won most of the awards. For a change I agree with the awards.

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