Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Live in Fear or Karma is my Friend

Karma. Yep, Karma scares me silly. Silly might be the wrong word here. Senseless might be a little better. I do and don't do many things because of it. I get buried in the "what ifs" and "what goes around comes around" so I'm constantly anticipating and dreading that I may not get it all done correctly.

I want to claim insurance against bad things happening to me and my family. I will be kind to others which will keep me from being punished by bad things happening. I want to be honest so I don't get robbed at gunpoint. I want to be faithful to family and friends and have the favor returned. I want to be helpful in your time of need; you never know when you might have to ask for a favor so I rarely say "no" which sometimes causes me to be angry with myself later.

I've had to learn to not say "yes" to all requests. I weigh the need and go from there.

All one really needs is one of the 10 commandments. "Do unto to others.....". That should cover just about all behavior and govern those behaviors unless of course you are a sociopath then all rules are off. Sociopaths and borderlines cannot really be considered the normal populace. Hopefully you won't have many of these to deal with in your lifetime. I try to steer clear of them. I don't have the time nor energy they require and demand.

I consider this my answer to people when they ask what church I attend. What religious affiliation I have. All I need is fear of Karma.

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