Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This, That and All

The old incisor is gone and the temporary one is in place. In 4 months the permanent one will be exchanged for the current one. I have a mouth full of stitches and beneath that is a metal screw like thing inserted into the bone beneath the gums. To that is a small spike like thing that holds the temporary crown. There wasn't any pain involved in having this done. Some discomfort along with an hour of fear and it was done.

Tomorrow the root canal and then I should be all good for a while. I might want to start a slush fund for dental work. Each month I could put away a certain amount into an account and at the start of the new year use it for any dental work that needs done. Dental Insurance is a waste of money. They have a 1500.00 cap on dental work per year. If you deduct the premiums you paid all year for the insurance then what you are left with might be 1000.00 for the actual dental work. I can understand why you see a lot of people walking around with missing teeth or teeth that could use some attention. I fear this will only get worse in years to come.

A knee update should be in order about now also. January 3rd and it was 10 months post op on that TKR. Most of the time I'm alright with it but occasionally the muscles will let me know that I have had that replacement. I'm still working on extension although I've curtailed a lot of that since I had the problems with the Achilles Tendon. I think that problem is improving but I won't clear it as healed yet. I get strange feelings of being stuck with a needle in the heel. That is felt on both sides of the heel when I first stand and walk on it. I'm healing and I'm not complaining. I'm learning to have patience. It sucks! and I'm done!

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  1. Discount dental plan. It's not insurance, but it's a great option. Pay as you go, but at lower prices. No caps or deductables involved. You buy a plan for a year and it's way cheaper than insurance.


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