Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Count Down

It's almost 7AM here give or take a minute or two. Frost is heavy on the grass outside and the furnace in here is ushering in warm air that doesn't quite make it to the corners of the room. Tile floors are cold under foot, I'm wearing house slippers in self defense.

In less then two hours I will be dressed and on my way to the dental appointment for that extraction and implant. I'm ambivalent at this point. I'll probably loose that attitude when I drive into the parking lot and make my way into that office. I have a Halcyon that I will swallow 1/2 hour before the scheduled deed is to be done. I keep repeating to myself "this time next week.........". My mantra for anything distasteful is to think that this time next week it will be in the past a week gone.

I'll continue this post sometime this afternoon.

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