Saturday, January 9, 2010

Yesterday and Today

Gumbo and potato salad is what I have been up to. I started a roux this afternoon and let it cook for hours and hours, then the chicken and sausage along with the spices were added and that has been simmering for a few hours. I'm making some rice right now and soon it will be time to have a big bowl of gumbo with a dollop of potato salad on top. Perfect gumbo weather although I could eat gumbo year round. Nobody cooks it here in the summer. It's strictly a winter food but that doesn't stop me from cooking a big pot in the middle of a hot August day.

I was talking to my friend Ms. K. as I was galloping around the kitchen. Can you imagine me galloping? I was making the potato salad and asked her what she put in hers. Strange as this may sound, she said "cool whip". "Huh" I said. I asked a few times to make sure what I heard was really "cool whip". I even asked "you mean the white stuff you put on pumpkin pie?" and to that she said "yes". Ok, I'm willing to give it a try and I did. Taste tested and approved but who woulda thought huh?

I won't mention it to anyone. It will be my little secret. I'm afraid if I told the family they would refuse to even try it.
Well, since I didn't post this yesterday, I will just add some more delightful information on my more then exciting life here. The hot water froze off. That line was rerouted through the attic when it broke beneath the concrete slab winter before last. With these below freezing temps it froze last night. This lasted but a few hours so I have hot water again without having to crawl up there and do anything about it.
I made a trip down to daughter's house to take them some gumbo and potato salad last night and also to see how they were faring. The house was in order and everyone was in a good mood. Nobody was sneaking out to play while the cat was away and I was much relieved to find them safe and happy. I'll be driving to Lydia today to pick up the little one so I've been moving around here this morning doing tasks that I know will be slowed down if I wait till she gets here and then try doing them. What takes me hours with her here will take me minutes to do without her.

Now for a shower and a change of clothes. I'll do this during commercials breaks. I'm watching Road to Perdition and since I actually started watching it at the beginning of the movie I would like to see if I can make it to the end without missing the middle part!
I'm done.

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