Thursday, January 14, 2010

And Then There were

Every day that I showed up for work was usually met by a lunch hour around noon. It happens. Everyone would gather in the conference room at the long table surround by plastic chairs, a television at the end of the long table, microwave on a stand along the wall and the huge garbage receptacle that collected all the disposables after lunches were consumed.

Every day a soap opera was tuned to on the TV where all the ladies and a few gentlemen would gather, sandwich in hand, to watch men and women in 200.00 pumps, silk dresses and gorgeous jewelry parade around their homes having lunches, drinks or affairs. I found something else to do with this hour. Sometimes I would sneak in early, have my lunch while tuned into CNN to catch up on what was happening in the world. I could be in and out before noon leaving the other soap opera fans to their hour of escapism.

Once a week the soap opera would be preempted by a show that was videotaped the night before by one of the lunchers. American Idol. I hated this more then the soap operas. It rated right up there with shows such as Survivor and all the other reality shows so popular. I just have a question. Do you really think that those people with awful singing abilities don't really know they can't sing? Where have their families and friends been all these years? I get in the car and start singing along with the song on the radio and daughter reaches over and raises the volume. I get it. I can't sing. Thanks for the information.

Without this hook the viewers would be scarce. Auditioning for this "part" is really what the show is all about and I can't for the life of me understand how viewers could really believe that these people are just random picks from all the talented singers that audition. They were believers until the American Idol show came to this area to do a talent search.

This area is rich in musically talented folk. Vocalists that also are trained in some musical instrument are as common here as what lines up to belt out songs onstage at any professional gathering. She knew one of these talented singers. Connie, one of the avid watches of American Idol escorted her niece to stand in line hoping for a chance to compete. She was overlooked and ignored for the selection of a more entertaining untalented applicant that would garner the laughs the show survives on. Connie suddenly realized that the whole show was a sham. The untalented applicants that howl, screech and wail take the place of the truly talented. The selection of these over the good vocalists are done for the judges to cajole, ridicule and dismiss.
My question is, she didn't know this already? She actually thought that the howlers and wailers were the only options for candidates? Ah to be so blissfully ignorant and trusting eh?
I could go on and postulate about the people in danger of starving to death on that show Survivor. I watched it one time. I wondered if the camera man would share his food and water; if the lighting people and the sound guy would video the contestants starving. Do we really believe these shows are unscripted and unrehearsed? Please spare me from the reality shows. What happened to watching talented actresses and actors who get paid for their time and ability.
There's always books to read and for that I'm thankful.

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  1. Interesting soapbox subject.

    The CIA could use my voice in lieu of water boarding. It would be much more effective. Sang to my dog once. She looked at me, snorted, and went outside.


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