Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wheeeeeee!!! or Wii

Yesterday afternoon I deposited Carrie at her house after getting back from the zoo and picked Ted up to spend the night. Since I had my "digital age" techie here, I had him set up the Wii. I'm ready to learn. I'm not all enthused about this because video gaming is not my thing. I can spend hours on the computer and not feel as though I have wasted my time but the game playing on the X Box, Playstation or Wii have never enticed me into learning anything about them.
Ted has whizzed through a few things that Wii is capable of and since I have a wireless router here it can go online. Go figure! He went online and went to You Tube and to the videos I've uploaded there and I could watch them on the Big Screen TV here in the living room. Awesome! Hey, this might not be so bad after all. I don't know what other things I can do with this besides the games but now you have my attention. I'm going to spend some time with Ted and the Wii but today around noon we are going to see Blind Side.
I'm taking advantage of him being around. When they hit those teen years seeing them is a luxury. Ted used to spend time here as Carrie does now. We watched videos together, did the zoo and the parks and now the closer he gets to adulthood the time he spends here gets less and less although he does when he isn't spending time at friends. He comes and stays with me as soon as he knows the husband has left for a few weeks on a job. Sometimes he stays during the week so I get to see him off to school in the morning. At least he still wants to and during those times I spoil him with the food he likes and the morning trip to Burger King for a double sausage and egg crossanwich which he considers a huge treat. He is easy to please and I enjoy him being around.
I've been investigating the Wii. If I was faster at texting on a cell phone, I could whiz around on the keyboard on the Wii but this just makes me slow. I'm learning. I just went on You Tube and watched the videos I had uploaded and then I signed on to my blog site with it and I could read my blog site on my TV. AWESOME. I can do other things with the Wii then play games so I'm excited about it.
After talking with Ted I found he had not seen Avatar so that is where we will be spending almost 3 hours today. I don't mind watching it once again. I'll see the other movie tomorrow when alone.
Now it's time for me to put away my toys and get showered and dressed. Time is a'fleein and so must I.

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