Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Today I escaped. I escaped into a fantasy world and what a fine world I chose. How wonderful it would be if we were allowed to always select the fantasy. I had heard so much about the movie Avatar and today I was at the theatre at 1 P.M. to buy my ticket and pick up my 3D glasses. Two hours and 40 minutes of scenes that overwhelmed the visual senses and as the credits rolled at the end of this movie, the audience sat quietly for a minute before gathering their things and leaving their seats. The world we had just been exposed to was too beautiful to leave behind.

I began the movie knowing that the Avatars were a digital creation but about half way through I was questioning if these were real people even though the huge cat like golden eyes and the noses were flattened and the bodies were blue with a long cat like tail.

Was it just me or did this movie have a political statement to be made? The aliens in this movie were the people from planet Earth who went to Pandora, a planet inhabited by the blue creatures just described. In order to win their hearts and confidence, avatars were created that resembled them and these avatars were supposed to assimilate into Pandora's population. The goal of the aliens from earth was to collect a mineral that was rare and in order to do this, the Pandorian's would have to remove themselves from their religious based lands and relocate to another area of planet Pandora.
Apparently the Earthlings had wasted all their natural resources and were pillaging other planets to survive. I even heard the phrase "shock and awe" in the dialog when the war started. Sound familiar? This movie was years in the making and supposed to be the first of it's kind for the technical presentation.
I walked out of the theatre without feeling I had wasted my time. My staying through the entire movie was a good sign. I can't put down a book that I find boring or predictable. I have to finish it hoping all the time it will get better. Not so with movies for me. I will not sit through a movie that bores me. I was one that sat in the dark watching the credits roll and regretting having to leave the magical world of Avatar.

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