Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Zoomin Along

Where has the time gone. The last few days have disappeared on me and I don't remember doing anything that kept me so busy that I couldn't do my little "diary" here. Ted and I were supposed to go see Avatar on Sunday. Didn't happen. Yesterday he was in school and last night I think his mom and siblings went with him. I got to keep Carrie.

I picked her up around 6PM and back to my house for some Wii fun. She likes to play and at least she gets more exercise with it. We bowl, play tennis and golf and we avoid the baseball because neither one of us can hit the ball that is thrown. If nothing else, I'm beginning to learn to keep score on the games. Carrie is becoming a night owl. We didn't even throw back the sheets until 10:30 last night then she actually expected me to read to her. I had warned her earlier that there would be no story tonight because she was up so late and I was ready to go to sleep. She howled and growled for a moment; I howled back and she was good. Sometimes Carrie forgets who is the biggest and strongest and we all know the whole world revolves around survival of the fitness. In my case it would be "survival of the biggest".

I can hear the blower kicking on now and again and I'm sitting here wondering if it's the A/C unit running. I think we can pack our winter wear away. We're done. We had all our cold weather in two weeks instead of a day or two a month. Everyone is back to shorts and t shirts minus the sweat. Thankfully it's not that warm yet.

I"m off here to prepare for the time when Carrie awakens and goes into demand mode. I'll be busy until I escort her back to her house.

I did go to the theatre to watch Blind Side. My opinion? It was worth the view. I didn't know the NAACP accused the rescue couple of doing this to recruit a player for their Alma mater.

I hear the patter of little feet. A quick goodbye and "publish" and I'm gone.

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