Saturday, January 30, 2010


What is it about Valentine's Day? Who decided we needed this holiday, unpaid and unrecognized by the labor force? January passed without a holiday that needed commemoration by the masses rushing out to buy something for someone and then along comes February.
Would it really bother you if your significant other didn't sent you a rose, a chocolate or a piece of jewelry? For those of you without a significant other, does this day depress you as you scan the shelves in the stores stocked with red heart boxes filled with cheap chocolates? I'm not saying I don't appreciate the thought when my S.O. presents me with a card, candy or jewels but would I be upset if I was without a S.O. and I had to face this holiday alone while others received the candy, flowers and jewels? No. I can answer that without hesitation. Valentine's day was never depressing when I was single single. Single=unmarried, single=no S.O.
I know some single people that have admitted to becoming very depressed when Valentine's Day approached. They would notice the flowers received from their female friends, the cards exchanged and would dread this day approaching each year. I, on the other hand think these pseudo holidays were created by some genius in marketing to boost sales for the month of February.
The only holiday I have ever found depressing was Christmas and I used to think it was because I was so far away from family and friends on this holiday. Now that I have family and friends around I still find it depressing and hard as I try, I really can't define the why of this. Maybe it's the anti climatic feeling of it all. All that preparation and it's over in a few hours. Maybe I should just schedule a vacation every year during the holidays. I've seriously thought about doing this; a Christmas gift to myself.
Today is rainy, gloomy and cold and going outside doesn't look particularly appealing so here I sit trying to catch up on photo printing for the 2009 album. I'm about 6 months behind in this project so I've set a goal for myself. To finish this one off today even if it takes me all day which it might as the printer I have to use is so slow that as soon as I finish off the ink that is in it, I'll exchange it for another. I'm going to hook up a Canon printer and hope the old Canon program I used to use for printing is compatible. I'll be back later and later depends on how much printing I get done today. A good rainy day project and a perfect rainy day to get it done.

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