Thursday, January 7, 2010


Yep, it's done. The gum was numbed...let the drilling begin. Pain anticipation has to be the worst stressor. As the drilling gets deeper my blood pressure rises. I'm sitting in that chair wondering if they have ever had a patient die in the chair? Well, why not? It's possible that someone could sit there with their blood pressure skyrocketing right into a stroke. A vessel in the brain could explode from all that fear causing that blood pressure to orbit them right into the hereafter.

That is the thinking that plagues me as I sit there, body reclined, head tilted back and mouth flung open to the drills and tools coming in from both sides of my mouth. Drill, suction, drill, suction. Are we having a good time yet?

At every opportunity I ask questions. "How's it going?" "You doing ok?" and that's me questioning the dentist. When he switches tools I take that opportunity to ask what he is doing. I need some information. I need to be informed. After cleaning the tooth and removing the nerve, I'm thinking we are nearing the end of this procedure. Filled and filed and I'm outta here. As he gets to this point, I hear him say "ah, now the worst". "HUH???" "the worsts????" I say with a huge quiver in my voice. I hear him laugh and say "just kiddin!!" and I say to him "hey, this is not the time to joke!" "this is serious business!". He finishes up quickly and I do a few test steps to make sure my weak legs can get me to the receptionist area where I draw out my bank card to cause some bank anemia to my account. I'm done for a while. Next week he wants to see me to check the status of the implant. Just a well check on the healing and stability of the implant and I'm off to wait on the permanent crown to be delivered after the healing.
I may take the advice of the anonymous poster about the discount dental plans. I did some checking and this dentist doesn't participate. There are about 5 dentists here that do participate and I may make a visit to one of them to check him out. One dentist on that list has a nasty reputation around town and I fear that the best dentists in town won't be on that list as available for this service.
I'm done for today and hopefully done with the dentists for the remainder of the year.

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  1. How are you with confined spaces, heights, and spiders?


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