Saturday, January 9, 2010

I'm trying to be grateful that we don't have winters like this every damn year! We are in the grip of that Arctic blast but by the middle of next week we should be back to normal and that's around 60 degrees. Right now it's 29 degrees with a high expected of 40 degrees. That still doesn't appease me. Still no snow or frost so at least we don't have the icy roads to slide around on and I intend on leaving this house today. I'm almost ready to go except for digging that coat out of the closet. Socks and a coat. Almost too much to bear.

Tomorrow Carrie will be here for a few days so I'm going to get my errands ran today so I won't have to drag her around with me. She has not honed those female shopping skills yet and would rather stay home and play with her toys and games. Looking out my window, I don't see much traffic. I'm sure the natives are hunkered down and foregoing shopping unless it's for necessities.
I'm outta here to dress and leave this house for a while.
Oh, I'm watching the weather channel and the ice fishermen in Minnesota. Do they really like fish that much or is this just a hobby? I worry about mental deficiencies in someone that erects a tent on ice, drills a hole and sits inside that enclosure is sub zero weather to catch a fish. It must be very boring living in Minnesota.
I'm gone!

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