Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Sunny Day

Yesterday afternoon we emerged from the cocoon and greeted the sunshine and the warmer temperatures. Now that's livin! We drove the 45 miles to the casino. The husband parked himself at the black jack tables and I parked myself in front of a pot of coffee and with book in hand, glasses perched on my nose, I read chapter after chapter of a new book I've recently started reading. I people watched and inadvertently listened in on conversations that were benign in their quarrels with their jobs, children and freinds. All was well.
The tall tree in the corner of the cafe whose top tickled the ceiling was decked out in purple, green and gold baubles. Purple garland twined from the top of the tree around the middle and ended at the base. Feathers and beads in the colors of Marti Gras along with masks that glittered and spun in small circles filled the branches. Leafless trees were scattered throughout the dining area covered in small clear lights. Glass mirrored walls reflected back this scene and doubling what was seen so the 5 trees with the clear lights appeared as 10. It was a forest of trees with the tables interspersed among them. No straight rows of tables and chairs but arranged in curves so dining was a private affair with the curves shielding the next table and diners. Black Naugahyde chair backs and red Naugahyde seats with nail heads decorating the perimeters of each chair and black lacquered tables where the dinner guest were enjoying the special of the day. The casino has the best Mardi Gra decorations. The huge wreaths on the walls and the huge face masks with their ornate decorations are worth the walk around the place to see it all.
Boiled shrimp from the Gulf, boiled new potatoes, sweet corn on the cob and cornbread muffins with a choice of salad or shrimp bisque soup was advertised on the billboard in the front of the cafe. Most of the diners were taking advantage of this special along with us. The platters of shrimp were huge which left us with big boxes of food to go. I don't care for boiled shrimp that is hot. This is the way it is served here. I prefer it cold and served with shrimp cocktail sauce so taking it home and refrigerating it works great for me. We enjoyed our meal and the warmer weather and the drive home.
This weekend the Saints play the Cardinals in N.O. Although we don't have tickets to the game, I would like to spend the weekend in the apartment on Bourbon for the after the game hoopla! That would be almost as good as attending the game.
Today, I'm waiting on the rain to start but keeping my fingers crossed that it won't. The sun is shining brightly. Maybe the weather man misspoke.
I'm going to soak in some sun in the event that the weatherman was right!

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