Friday, January 29, 2010

I Should be Doing Something

Yesterday was just another day of not doing much. Since it was a beautiful warm day I decided to traispe out to the Little House and gather up the bucket and brushes along with the cleanser and get busy washing the car. As I'm doing this I'm wondering if it will start raining sometime soon after finishing. All went well until I peeked out the window this morning and saw the water standing in puddles in my driveway. I shoulda known!

I'm consoling myself with the fact that I need to buy some tar remover to get the tar off the wells and rocker panels so it will have to be rewashed anyway. Maybe today. I'm signing off so I can get a head start on doing a whole of nothing again today.


  1. I add a couple of cups of diesel to 3 gallons of soapy water. Removes the tar, (and other nasty stuck stuff), while I wash. It seems to work well.

  2. I like how you so firmly apply yourself to this 'doing nothing' business! I'm gonna work harder at that myself, this damned life of leisure I'm living is running my feet right off.

    Buffalo, great idea, I'll try that too : )


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