Monday, January 4, 2010

Quick Moves

I'm moving quickly when out of doors. It's nippy here. It's brisk. Oh hell, it's colder then a witches' ....
Well, you get the idea. This is just abnormal. I'm talking of course about the low temperatures and we actually have a freeze warning in for tonight. The forecast calls for snow. I'll be up all night with my camera watching for it. Although it's cold the roads remain dry and summer like. Cold with dry roads is tolerable. Cold with slippery roads is not. I'm not going to complain a lot about the weather. I don't have to worry about road closures and for that I'm grateful.
Carrie spent last night with me and we made the trip to her house around noon today and that's the last I've seen of her. I left her at play at her house, and headed for Walmart to pick up some groceries.

The wind was blowing a cold air around making it seem colder then what the thermometers were registering. Wind chill. Bad enough it's just cold but to have the wind chill readings mockingly pushing the temperatures lower is not the act of mother nature's kindness. I watched as people hurried in and out of the store. I noted the clothes they were wearing. Very few people were wearing coats but everybody had on long pants and long sleeve shirts or warm sweaters. They were moving quickly about and it was evident they weren't used to the chilly weather. All the talk was about the low temperatures headed this way and how they were going to get what was needed before the temperatures took this dive and buried the mercury. The gas pumps were doing a whopping business; the waiting lines were long. I too filled up the tank on my car and got home in time for some television and my nap.
Chili and PB&J sandwiches for dinner tonight; a perfect meal for a cold night. I'm sipping on a cup of hot chocolate and watching some trash on tv. That's where I am and where I'll be till the morning. I'm done.

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