Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Crime and Survival

Is it just me and the age to which I have arrived or is this a really dangerous town where I live? It seems that everyday the news person reports a murder or two and burglaries are just too numerous to even delve into. Knifing, bodies found in fields, drive by shootings and one person even drove through the drive through at Burger King and shot the server at the window because he wasn't allowed into the dining room as it was closed for the evening and only the drive through was open. He became enraged and killed the guy at the window.
While I'm thinking about it, let me record this. We had a doctor here that injected his girlfriend with the AIDS virus when she threatened to break off involvement with him. After waiting for years for him to divorce his wife, she realized this wasn't going to happen. He is now doing hard time in Angola.

The Mini Markets, Seven-Elevens or whatever they are called in your part of the country are another target and now even the Dollar Stores are being hit. Is it the economy that is causing what seems to be an increase in the crimes here in this town? Cars parked on Johnson Street are being targeted. Windows are smashed or doors pried open and the cars are ransacked while houses are being surveyed for the owners that work and are gone during the day to be hit.
The crimes are not committed in out of the way places. That doesn't seem to have any importance on who or what has been chosen by the thieves. Going out for a loaf of bread after dark could leave you robbed or worse injured by a knife wielding demon. Am I just being more cautious because I've reached an age where I have finally accepted the fact that I am not invincible?
I can remember some of the towns I've lived in and the times I was out and about and never thought about the dangers. Ah, to be young, dumb, and a seeker of fun. How DID we survive?
We partied and then got into our vehicles and hoped we could make it home. Drunk driving? I don't remember anyone worrying about it. Seat belts weren't used and helmets weren't worn on motorcycle rides. How DID we survive?
I shiver when I think of our irresponsible ways that were just the norm for the times we lived. Someone must be watching over innocent and ignorance.

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  1. I think there is a lot of anger and frustration, fueled by multiple factors, out there. I wonder if there viable solution.


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