Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just Strange

She was about 50 yrs old, tall and neither fat nor thin but somewhere in between, black female. She walked up to this house and spoke with the husband who was outside working on cleaning and shining up his truck. She was dressed in jeans, t shirt, sandals with socks and she didn't carry a purse. She had a bright shiny gold tooth in the front of her mouth. The tooth had a star carved out on it. Her hair was wrapped in a scarf. She needed a ride; her car had broken down or at least this was the story she told.

The husband opened the door and peeked in to tell me this lady needed a ride to her home in Youngsville. I peeked out and told her I would get my purse and be right with her.

She wanted to credit me with being a good Catholic and I had to correct her on that. Then she wanted to know my religous affilation so she could extole their virtues and I had to tell her I was "none". We got into my car and as I was backing out of the driveway she started telling me her car wouldn't start and she said it needed a new battery. I offered to check on a new battery but she was quick to tell me she didn't want to bother with the car but that she needed to get to Youngsville to get money for her rent. She has two jobs; the one here in my neighborhood and she works at Women and Childrens as an LPN. The more I questioned her the less her story sounded plausible. When asked what kind of car she drove she said "a big one like this one".

I sneaked a look at her and wondered if she carried a knife hidden deep within her clothing.

We drove to the Catholic Church per her instructions and I waited while she walked to the rectory to ask for the priest. Apparently he wasn't in and she was denied any help by the staff there. When she got back to my car I assumed I would be taking her back to her house. She had somewhere else to go and instructed me on the next destination. How the hell did I get into this. At this point I'm seriously considering raising four forms of hell with the husband.

She is now getting defensive if I question her and she says she has a headache and can't talk now. I offered her ibuprofen and she asked "will it make me sleepy?" Again I glanced over at her and away and thought "she is a nurse?"

Yeah, by this time I'm getting a bit nervous. What is her game? Why has she been lying? How am I ever going to explain to anyone how I could be so stupid as to be in this mess. I just wanted her out of my car. She wants to go to another hospital where she says her friends are at work and where she can borrow money from them. She is agitated and I'm quiet. I think I broke all the speed limits getting to the hospital where I let her off curbside and drove my car around the lot and back to the exit. She was standing where I had left her and was waving at me. I waved back and kept driving. I drove home. Safe at home I'm still going over what she told me.

I'm grateful there wasn't a knife involved in this story.

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