Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Crabby Me

Is it the weather or am I just in a mood and not quite a good one at that. I'm sitting here in sweat pants and sweat shirt, sockless but seriously thinking about taking a walk down the hall to find a pair of socks in the bedroom. My toes are cold except for the ones on that foot that is tucked beneath me which is now numb from the weight of myself sitting on it.

I'm waiting for the temperature to rise a little before I approach the thought of even going outside and getting into my car to retrieve my pre op meds from the pharmacy. Mistakenly I thought my dental appointment was for today until the receptionist at the dentist office called yesterday to do the "remind the patient" call on the time and date of the appointment. I was hoping it would be done by today but by this time Thursday that should be the case.

You know it's cold here when you see the natives wearing socks. We graduate to shoes while still sockless when the cold winds arrive and if those winds hang around for more then a day, the socks are found and worn and then you know it's bad outside. A coat? Well now, that takes about 2 days of solid cold for us to believe that the temperatures are not going to climb back to 70 degrees after that first day of cold. We might then go digging into the closet that holds those rarely used items for a winter coat. I might be at that point today. I know I will be wearing socks today so a coat can't be far behind.
Even though the sun is brightly shining on the road and lawn and there is no frost to be seen, it remains an unfriendly terrain out there. Spoiled you might say? Well, hell yes. If I wanted this cold a winter I would move north. We are supposed to be protected from Mother Nature's ill will here. We agree to accept a nice winter for the price we pay for those hurricanes we have to endure during the summer months. That's fair, right?
Who pissed off the weather gods? I usually extort the pleasures of living here but maybe all that complaining about the summer heat has caused this payback. Cooler weather? Yes, the summer here was long and hotter then usual and I did complain just a wee bit but I honestly don't think it was that MUCH complaining to warrant this retaliation. Maybe I'm taking this too personally. It could be cabin fever causing this spike in meanness here.
I'm going to find a pair of socks and a better mood. I'm done.

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  1. In case you're even remotely interested - it is a balmy +4 up here.


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