Saturday, January 16, 2010

Who Dat?

Black and gold everywhere. T Shirts proclaiming the New Orleans Saints "Who Dat" worn by the fans shopping for snacks for the game this afternoon are displayed right, left and center. It's game day and a big deciding game it is. The winner of today's game is one step closer to being the team that plays in the Super Bowl this year. Traffic around the city will be light today. Who wants to shop when you can watch the Saint's play and couple that with a down pouring of cold rain, the decision comes easy. I'll be on the sofa in front of the screen.

I waver from watching the game to watching the disaster that is Haiti. The request for donations to help the relief effort is commendable but all the money in the world is useless if access is to those involved is impossible. We who sit in our homes and watch are asking 'what takes so long to get food and water to these people'? When hours and minutes are critical to survival in disasters like these it's hard to understand why the response can't be quicker. The magnitude of the need is difficult to digest from the view on our television screens. 9 million people that need help. Overwhelming. I have to stop viewing it for a while. It's much like watching the tsunami or New Orleans under water or the nine-eleven coverage.
Twelve minutes left in the game. I'm here till the finish.


  1. The score was too lop-sided to be a good game, but it was surely the outcome I wanted to see. Bush is some kind of athlete.

  2. I can hardly wrap my mind around Haiti. Football is much more compatible for my shallow mind. But we sent our donation to the Haitian Relief Fund through the American Red Cross, so I can sit here and cheer for your Saints since our Jaguars can't beat their grandmothers and didn't make the playoffs.

    Love you Charlotte Ann. Thank you so much for your faithfulness to Casa Hice. I so so so love you!!!


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