Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oh Damn, What Happened?

10AM here and where is the warmth? Overcast but at least it's not raining but I want to know what happened to the sunshine and who turned off the heat? I had to find long pants and a long sleeved shirt. We are back into winter mode once again and I truly thought we were finished with this for the year.
Friends from Wyoming were supposed to be here next week but their trip got cancelled because of the bad weather in Oklahoma. It seems there is ice and snow through the middle of the USA and some of that cold has escaped and found it's way here. I'm not ready for hot summer weather anyway and I would rather dress warmly and be outside then to be hot and sweaty and dressed in shorts. I'll take this weather over the summer weather we have here and to that end I'm dressed warmly and heading out to do some shopping. I don't know why I have to pick the weekend to do this along with the other 200,000 people that live here and in the surrounding little bergs.
I'm waiting on the car to warm up; I might need to find a pair of socks. Until later.........
I did a little shopping then scurried back home to find a blanket and wrap up in it. The temperatures are dropping again and with the wind whipping around, it surely feels colder then 37 degrees.
Cheeseburgers are being cooked up by the husband, the television is tuned in to favored detective stories and I'm warm. I'm going to stay right here where I'm warm and when the degrees start increasing I'll think about moving out from beneath this blanket. I'm happy right here and here I'll stay.

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