Tuesday, January 12, 2010


When it gets warmer I have a list of things I want to do. When it gets warmer the first thing on that list is to ditch these socks. That's the same pair I've had on my feet for the past week or two except for the times they had to pass through the washer and dryer. When it gets warmer I'm going out to the little house and clean up that mess I created when I dumped the Christmas decor at the door and escaped. I might wash my car. I might take a walk. The possibilities are endless. I have cabin fever. Isn't that obvious? I have been in the house for the most part for the past 2 weeks.
I've watched so much TV my eyeballs feel square. I've started reading a book and I should have finished it by now but passive entertainment is how lazy I have become. From bedtime to nap time, the difference has been filled with a lot of doing little to nothing and I need to get moving. The weather is supposed to turn. Hopefully turn as in "up" the heat. By the end of the week warmth should be ours along with rain. Rain? After all this cold weather, now we have to have rain? Can't we have a little warmth and sunshine for a while?
Will I ever quit complaining? Summer it's too hot and winter too cold. Well, this winter is unusual and unexpected. This much cold weather is unexpected, abnormal and unwelcome. I would like to go to New Orleans for a few days but not in this climate. Sitting outside at Cafe Dumonde for beignets and watching my breath escape in puffs of steamy air is not my ideal latte and beignets experience.

I'm escaping to the outside world today just for a while before I start leaving footprints up the wall. The thermometer shows a blistering 43 degrees right now and I will have to be happy with that for the time being. At least we have climbed out of the freezing mark. Have a happy sunshine sorta day!

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