Monday, June 15, 2009

4 months TKR!!!

Happy Birthday TKR! It's been a full 4 months. Am I happy? Some days I'm ok with it and some days I wonder just why I had this done. I remind myself of what the options were and I realize once again it was a "have to" not a "want to" that inspired the knee replacement.

Pain? Usually constant but in varying degrees. Sometimes it's just stiffness that needs to be worked out in the muscles; sometimes it's pain even into the groin. Leg muscles extend that far so that is normal to feel some strain in that area.
The gr. grandparents of Carrie that I visited on Saturday were very encouraging. He has had both knees done and he thought I was doing great with my walking. He also said "it's only been 4 months" "give it more time". That seems to be the mantra of late. I keep hearing people say "more time". I have no other choice.
Tomorrow daughter and Ted and Carrie leave for Pittsburgh. I'm guessing I will be seeing them off at the airport. Today I will make sure Carrie and Ted get organized for the trip. Daughter waits till the last minute and amid much screaming and confusion the packing will be done. That's just not my style. I like to be a little bit better prepared then that.
I'm outta here to get started!

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