Sunday, June 14, 2009

Relative To

I returned the borrowed stuff back to Carrie's gr.grandparents. We sat around talking for a while and soon gr. grandma asked if Carrie might like to go to church with them. They are Catholic so they have many options on going. This was Saturday and apparently that is when they go. I guess they just skip Sunday altogether and if I'm ever inclined to grab onto a religion I'm guessing I would have to choose Catholic just for the opportunities open to you on when you can attend. I think they must hold services 7 days a week just to get everyone. A good Catholic is a tithing one.
Anyway before the visit was over, Carrie was agreeing to spend the night with them and they were so excited to have her. I had misgivings about leaving her overnight but I left and came home only to call a few hours later to see how she was doing. No problems. She was playing with her cousin and having a great ole time. "Out of sight, out of mind" must be her motto. I could have been crushed that she didn't miss me but I'm willing to share her with the grandparents. They don't get out much and having her there was entertaining for them.
Ya just gotta love long as you can keep a lot of distance from them. Most of mine live "not close". I've found that if things go wrong, usually can and will mutually exclusive, they will. And when those things go wrong, relatives need someone to blame and what better person to blame then a relative! I've observed relative couples that are humming along grandly and suddenly one discovers the other is lying to them; one breaks a promise and on and on. How am I to blame? Why not take out your anger on that person. Is it because they are embarrassed that you know too much about them? Are they embarrassed because yet another disrespectful action from their significant other and they are allowing it to go on and everyone knows? I have no clue. The best reaction is no reaction. Nod and smile and pretend you didn't see/hear a thing. Yes, I like lots of distance. It's easier with lots of distance. Oh, and the ones that get offended because someone was critical. I don't think its' a matter of being critical. I think it's a matter of not agreeing; of not catering too or not being sympathetic enough with them and their situation. Watching someone make the same mistakes or choices year after year and never learning from past mistakes shaves away any sympathy through the years then you get accused of being critical.
That's my take on it anyway. Distance is a good thing!

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