Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Major Confusion

Today is the day everyone leaves. This is their trip. Their vacation. Why am I feeling pressure? I get a email requesting pictures. I find my external drive and start through digital pictures (can you leaf through digitals?). I have printed out a stack of pictures for step-mom in Pittsburgh.

I bought an extra suitcase and let them use it. Mine weren't enough for a "three people trip". I kept Carrie last night; got up and got her bathed and her hair done. Ted still needs to be delivered to his Mom's so he can be included in the packing of his clothes.


To the airport only to find that the flight has been delayed an hour. While checking in, we were informed that now it would not be leaving till 8PM. This flight was scheduled out at 5:50PM. I envision the plane sitting on the tarmac with mechanics running around trying to find out why it won't fly. This is a flight I don't want to be on. If you have to keep delaying it for mechanical reason, don't rush on my behalf. Just cancel the whole flight and send me out on a different plane the next day.
We made a run to McDonalds to get sandwiches for the kids then back to the airport where I dropped everyone off curbside and came home. Daughter called me later to say the flight wouldn't be leaving till 9PM.
Actually the flight didn't leave till 10PM. The excuse was there was a spill on the runway in Atlanta and they had to close some of them.
Daughter was given a voucher for a hotel and food in Atlanta as she missed her connecting flight because of the late arrival. She finds out her voucher is for the Hilton downtown Atlanta. No shuttle to the hotel so it would cost her 100.00 for a cab there and back to the airport the next morning. They ended up staying in the airport overnight. She was angry! Then the airlines wanted to charge her again for her baggage because the staff in Lafayette gave her the wrong ticket to clear her luggage for the remainder of the flight.
I tried to tell her to reschedule her flight. She didn't want to do that because all the flights were booked up for the next day. That's where she made her first error. It was all downhill from there on.
To be continued I hope!

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