Wednesday, June 17, 2009

6AM Phone Call

Really the phone rang around 5:30AM. Daughter was calling from the airport in Atlanta. She had stayed up all night to watch over Carrie and Ted and she sound exhausted, pissed off and disgusted with the airlines.

Her flight leaves at 7AM for a duration of two hours. 9AM she should be in Pittsburgh and shortly thereafter she will probably find a bed and sleep all day. The Trip from Hell!

I know there are worse flights. I've been on a few of them and I've done my share of sleeping in airports. You are at the mercy of the airline industry and I don't like it. Thankfully they weren't held captive in a plane sitting on a runway for 8hrs! That should be illegal.

I have all day to myself. First thing will be a pedicure and then a hair cut. I'm off to get an early shower and get dressed and before I do anything, I'll wait for a phone call from daughter from Pittsburgh.
10AM Pennslyvania time
Ted just called to let me know they were at the airport waiting on step mom to pick them up. I'm done.

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