Saturday, June 20, 2009


Surely the thermometer must be wrong. It canNOT be 102 degrees in mid June. That's August weather. I drove through my neighborhood this morning and gazed at the brown burnt lawns and the flowers in some yards that nobody had bothered to water. Some neighbors are watering their flowers and not their lawns. We are getting crispy here. No rain forecast. How can this be? The northeast is soggy from all the rain they have had. Usually we don't have droughts but I'm afraid we are in a full drought.
Thursday I decided to water the lawn a little. I dragged the water hose across the lawn, adjusted the settings on it and turned on the water. I watched for a few minutes the arcs of water as the sprinkler waved the water through the air. Satisfied that all was well, I disappeared into the house for the next 10 minutes then back out to move the water to another crisp area. When I exited the house a man dressed in the uniform of the utility company was standing in the yard. He said "I'm going to have to cut your sprinkler off. You are not supposed to be watering on an "odd day". He told me he was going to write me a ticket but since I showed up, he wouldn't but would just turn the water off. I thanked him and wondered just how much of a fine you get for watering on "odd days". I'm also wondering if some nice neighbor felt it was their civic duty to report my watering antics. I've never seen the "utility patrol" in the neighborhood in the past. I really didn't even think about "even" and "odd" when I positioned that sprinkler and hit the water "on" switch. I was thinking about the brown color of the grass. I promise officer, I will water on "even" days. Are we done here?
It's going to be a long summer. The Gulf waters must be heating up; hurricanes favor these conditions. Usually our hurricanes come in August but with all this heat we might be in line for some early ones. Another thing I dislike about the summers here. I have to say, snow never kept me inside but hot weather will. I have an aversion to sweat. I have an aversion to work and sweat. I do as little as possible outside in these temperatures.
I'm wishing my life away, but I can't help counting the days till October!


  1. Spring has finally arrived up here. The trees have leaves, the garden planted, and the temp almost hit 90. Only here I think they would say it was 30.

  2. Oh Ann, we have had just the opposite problem in Utah. We have had so much rain for so many days that there are mushrooms growing in the lawn. But it is beautiful, the flowers are growing as is the garden and the trees are lush and beautiful. I would rather have rain than drought, and cooler weather rather than hot. I feel your pain. What keeps you there besides Carrie and family? Why don't you go back to Colorado?


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