Monday, June 8, 2009

15 weeks Post Op TKR

I can see more definition. Yes, it's still a bit swollen and doesn't match the other knee but it's getting there. I'm having less muscle pain and I think it can be attributed to the fact that the muscles in the quads and the hamstring are almost stretched to where they need to be. I still have a degree or two to go but it's almost there so less muscle stretching equals less muscle pain.

I guess I could have titled this "ugly knee 15 weeks". I'm growing a little more fond of it now. There were times when I cursed that knee and I'm sure there will be more of those times ahead. I still am working on flexion now that I have the extension almost to where it should be. Flexion is painful also and I use the stationery bike for that. I might have to move that bike into the house as it's heating up here and pedaling on the patio gets uncomfortable in the heat.
I'm washing the cars today and I have to take the Toyota in to get it inspected and put a new battery in it. Always something huh? I'll get some other chores done while I'm out.
Until then..........

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