Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm Toasted

I remember when "I'm toasted" meant something quite different then being sun burnt. My shoulders, arms and chest are a nice beet red color and oh so tender.

Last night after all the pool exercise, my leg muscles were screaming at me. I'm guessing this is because all that kicking in the pool exercised muscles and we all know what happens when old out of use muscles get exercised. It's a good thing. I just wish it didn't hurt so damn much. This morning, no pain! I was surprised that the muscles were bunching up but I gingerly stood up beside the bed this morning expecting to be grimacing in pain. Pleasantly surprised, I could walk without pain.

Carrie was exhausted from all the sun and activity and it's 8:30 here and she is still asleep. Usually she would be up by now and demanding much attention. I have had many hours now of quiet and time to blog.

Ted and his friend stayed all night and were up till 2AM. and this was after I had told Ted to not stay up all night because I would be getting him up early the following morning. He and his friend are convinced that this house is haunted. They came racing into the living room last night telling me a ghost was communicating with them. I let them tell me all about it, nodded and smiled with exclamations at the appropriate places. I'm not buying any of this but why rain on their little imaginery parade? I should have sneaked outside and pecked on their window. They would have been squealing like little women! I'll put that on my list for the next time Ted and his friend spend the night. I might even get a flashlight and do some flashes of light into the room from outside. The more I think about this, the more this sounds like fun. Maybe those novelty stores carry some things that moan or make ghost-like noises?

I plan on having everyone back to their homes by 9AM. I plan on being childless and lazy today.

I'm watching the news and the death toll in Acapulco, Mexico rise from the drug wars. Police killed and police stations peppered with bullets and when I mentioned a few years ago about vacationing in Mexico my hubby looked at me like I had lost my mind. It has escalated since that time to an all out war and this is the cheapest place out of the states to vacation. Our dollar is at least still stronger then the peso. Ah well. I will have to count my Colorado trip as my vacation this year.

Everyone was up and dressed by 9:30 and when their mother arrived, we went to Burger King for some greasy fast food breakfast which they all prefer to a home cooked breakfast. It was amazing to see how fast everyone moves when you tell them it's Burger King for breakfast!
Everyone left about 1/2 hr ago and I went tearing into the bedrooms to get the beds made, clothes to the laundry and whipping the sheets off my bed for the laundry. I'm almost done and then a shower and to the store for milk, bread and eggs. Hubby should be home around noon so I have an hour to finish up and by that time I'll be ready for a nap.
.....and so far, that's MY day!

Oh damn. I'm still in my P.J.'s and need a shower. I'm behind and I'm gone now. Still lots to do!

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