Monday, June 29, 2009

18 wks Post Op TKR

Yep, It's Monday once again and time to post my UKP (ugly knee picture). Clinical report:
Not much change from last week. Muscle pain continues when moving from sitting/lying position to standing/walking activity. I want to do more swimming exercises although the next day the muscle pain increases. I have moved a dining room chair into the living room and I'm doing more flexion stretches using that chair. I would like to have the flexion measured by a PT and may try to get that done this week.
I am not restricted in much of what I want to do. I do lawn work, housework and clean the vehicles. I have no problems with walking or climbing chairs. I can even kneel down on that knee. I cannot sit lotus position. I don't have enough flexion for that. Maybe someday.
I'm off to do some early morning shopping before the temps climb back to 100 plus degrees which wouldn't take much climbing as it is about 88 degrees here at 6AM.

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