Monday, June 22, 2009

Monkey Farts

Last summer while on a trip to Ohio and visiting with my sister, she guided me to a flea market type store where we found lamps powered by electricity and containing a halogen bulb that heated fragrance oil held in a small dish above the bulb. Just my thing! I had to have one so I bought two of course. When I got back to Louisiana my neighbor came to visit and saw these little lamps. Tart warmers are what they are called although at the time I didn't know this. When it got close to Christmas, the neighbor came back and wanted to know if I could find them on the internet. I could and I did and for a much better price then what I paid for them in Ohio. We agreed to buy a bunch and split the shipping. This went well. They arrived and were given as Christmas gifts to her family and I kept the four that I ordered and put them in different rooms of the house. As time went on, I eventually ran out of the fragrance oil and had to order more. Since the shipping was as high on one bottle as two, of course I ordered 5 bottles of different fragrances. Those arrived and now I was all set with lots of the tart warmers and the oils.
Today another neighbor came to visit and saw the little lamps (tart warmers) and wanted me to find them again on the Internet. She wanted some for family and friends. (I'm thinking this could have been a profitable little business had I cared to order a case and then resell them in a booth here in town.)
I found the web site and have it shortcutted to my desktop. I'm ready now when she gives me the number of tart warmers she wants me to order.
While browsing through the fragrances I came upon the one in this link.
I HAVE TO HAVE IT! I would love to be able to tell people what the fragrance is when they come to visit and ask "what IS that I smell?"
I'm also curious. What inspired the name? Who really knows what odor monkey farts emit and why would you bottle it? Is this a fragrance or an odor and is there a difference? I'm now scouring that web site for Buffalo Barf, Snake Shit, Dog Dung, Cat Crap and any other foul odor/fragrance connected with the animal world.
When I order the tart warmers, I'll add a bottle of this fragrance. YES! I will !!!

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