Thursday, June 11, 2009

Never Done

My sun burnt back is still red and painful. Wouldn't ya know it. Just when my new bras arrived and I was excited to try this new brand but judging the merits of a new bra on bright red raw skin is not a possibility. How can you tell if it's comfortable when just wearing anything close to your skin makes you want to winch and cringe away from that touch. I did struggle into one and wore it for a whole hour before I resorted to none and a loose pajama top. Yesterday I stayed in a gown all day and today will be a repeat.

When we went to the pool, I had SPF50 along with me for Carrie. She had a tan going and didn't even burn; Ted has been out in the sun a lot so he didn't burn. I never thought to put some of the sun guard on myself and now I'm paying for neglecting myself. Always something!

And a thought here. Two people live in this house. How can it possibility need to be cleaned so much? Yesterday I got a lot done but today I still had stuff to do. It's those things that don't need done often. Carrie's nightlight bunny had to have all the batteries replaced. She mentioned to me last night that it wasn't working and I needed to fix it. "not tonight, Carrie. go to sleep."
She came carrying it to me to take care of this morning so I had to find the small screw driver (took forever to find it because it doesn't get used often) and the batteries eventually got changed. Maybe that's why it takes me so long to get anything done here. It's all those interruptions that slow me down. The vacuum cleaner bag needed changed and the shampooer needed cleaned out and stored. I think laundry must be a daily chore. How do Jon and Kate plus Eight ever keep up? Every time I see a family with three or four kids I imagine all the laundry they must have to do. I shutter.

As I sit here typing, The Usual Suspects is on the AMC channel. It's one of my all time favorite movies. I'm done with the housework stuff for today and I'm going to sit right here and watch this movie. To hell with housework. It will be here tomorrow.

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