Monday, June 29, 2009

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I am sitting here listening to thunder. An occasional flash of lightning streaks by and I'm waiting for the downpour. Please don't tell me this is just a heat storm. We need water. Where are those rain makers when you really need one.
I have my little Toyota back in drive mode. I drove it in the winter but since last summer when the a/c went, I've left it parked last summer and until this past week when it finally has a/c again. I bought this little Toyota in July of 1990 when I moved here to Lafayette. I drove it to school and continued driving it till 1999 when I bought a Grand Marquis. I couldn't bear to get rid of the little Toyota so I kept it as a "spare". I drive it on errands around town for the easy parking it offers. No power steering but a short wheel base so you have to use a little muscle to turn the steering wheel; no electric windows but it has a 5 speed, a/c and a radio. That was plenty for me. When the 2010 autos come out this year, my little Toyota will be 20 yrs old. Happy Birthday to you! When I take it in to the mechanic, he is amazed at what good condition it's in. The interior looks new. It has had many windshields in the years I have unsuccessfully dodged rocks and flying road debris. Most of the parts on it are original. Tires and oil changes and an occasional windshield and brakes and it has served me well.
I'm going outside to watch the rain bounce off the Toyota..I hope!!
After the rain: YES! lots of rain. We might not get another shower for weeks but today it saturated the ground.

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