Monday, June 22, 2009

Ugly Knee 17 wks post op TKR

Clinically: It still hurts but mostly when I first stand up. That first 5 minutes of walking almost brings tears to my eyes. I just keep chanting "this will get better". I'm hoping I'm not chanting in vain.

Yesterday I didn't blog. I did "almost" nothing. I watered the lawn. I escaped back into the house. It was 103 degrees here!

The weather man/woman forecasts those temps all week long. OMG! This is really not normal for this time of year. The upside of this is that since we haven't any rain we don't have the humidity. I'm miserable when I have to go outside so yesterday after watering, I stayed inside and did nothing too. I don't think I can cope with another day of that so I'm off to Home Depot to look for paint.

4PM and later

I got my shopping done and stopped by to visit with a friend then back to the house. I think it was 103 with the heat index today. I've had enough of summer.

Tomorrow everyone will be back. I'll pick daughter and kids up at the airport but it won't be till late in the evening. Here's hoping this flight goes better then the last one.

Even F had trouble with his flight. He plane was turned around and returned to Memphis because of mechanical problems.
I'm just hoping there isn't a reason that I have to fly soon. I don't trust the airlines. Maybe they laid off the mechanics and substituted with stewardesses to save money. I don't trust them (the airlines). Too many cutbacks in to many industries during these tough economical times.
I'm off to get a nice cool shower.

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