Friday, June 12, 2009

Colors Of June

I just finished watering the flowers. We haven't had rain here for weeks now and each morning I try to remember to water the flowers. The worst part of this is winding the water hose back up on the reel. I hate doing this. It's like washing silverware. I don't mind doing dishes but I hate to wash the silverware.
When we were all children and it was my turn to do the dishes, I would always be in trouble for leaving the silverware in the sink and I still dislike doing them. Some things never get better.
I'm watching all the legislation and regulating of cigarettes. Do they actually think this is going to deter the young from smoking? I'm still amazed when I see a really young person lighting up. Back in the day when I started, there wasn't any warnings on what it did to one's health. Today everyone is bombarded with that information and the young continue to light up. 20 per cent of the population smoke! I was amazed when I heard that this morning. I know that it seems every where I look I see people smoking. So what was so bad about me smoking? Ok, now I really need to stop that train of thought. I smoked a LOT. I have to remember why I wanted to quit and now think it might be time to change subjects. I'm joking with ya. I really don't want to start again. I would like to be able to wear those two closets of clothes though. In time. Patience is a virture. I don't think it's one of mine though.
I have set a goal for myself today. If I surpass that goal, I get a gold star. I think I'll start working on that goal right now. It's nothing earth shattering but pertains to organizing and the only way I get things done is to set goals for myself. I'm competitive maybe?
Later. I'll be back later.

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